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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rite Aid $$ Programs

You may of noticed something new at Rite Aid. They have rolled out another new Nation-wide rewards program called "+UP Rewards"

Currently they have the following Rewards programs:
1. Your Wellness+ card is required to get the +UP rewards
2. The rewards print on your receipt and can be used on your next order.
3. +UP rewards have a 2 week expiration date.
4. Yes, you can use coupons and still earn +UP rewards.
5. Yes, you can use coupons when redeeming your +UP rewards
6. +Up Rewards will "roll" (similar to ECB's/RR's) Essentially this meas that if you buy 1 item and earn a $1.00 +UP reward then you can buy the same item again (in a separate transaction) and earn the same +UP reward again. As of now their is no limit
7. +Up rewards will accumulate. Just like CVS ECB's if you reward calls for "Buy $10.00 in Candy and Earn $5 +UP reward, then it will accumulate for you until you purchase $10.00 worth of Candy.

As with any new program, the rules may change and it you may end up in a "Your Cashier may vary" situation. Just ask the manager if that happens!



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