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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Earn 8+ SwagBucks today!!

Today if you watch a short video on Glee you will earn 8 SWAGBUCKS. (its about 20 seconds)

What are SWAGBUCKS? The coolest way to get paid for being online!!!

You can earn from 11 – 1,000 from ONE search. The most I have earned at (1) time is 50 $WAGBUCK$ for searching and 200-1,000 for tradeins-surveys and more, but it all adds up.

Our Christmas is already paid for and then some. By just searching and a few other ways, you are able to earn points for doing what you already do and in 1 week, you can have enough points for an Amazon Gift Card, or Paypal, Target and so much more!

Did you hear me?? Our Christmas is already done in just Amazon and Target Gift Cards!!!

Here are a few tips that will help you earn more $WAGBUCK$ .
Earn $WAGBUCK$ just for searching like you would Google. Something we already do.
Earn 1 $WAGBUCK$ for downloading the toolbar (easier to search with)
They will award you 1 $WAGBUCK$ periodically just for having the toolbar also
Earn 1 $WAGBUCK$ for voting in their daily poll
Earn 1 $WAGBUCK$ for checking in on your Surveys. (50-250 SBs for surveys)
When you complete surveys earn even more!
Earn $WAGBUCK$ for trying special offers, tasks, playing Swago (bingo), referrals and trade-ins.
You can trade in your old cell phones and video games for $WAGBUCK$ (I traded in our old Nextels and earned almost 1000 $WAGBUCK$ for each one)

What are you waiting for? Click HERE to sign up for FREE. Wouldn't it be great to have a debt FREE Christmas or just to have the extra Gift Cards.

That is our goal a Debt FREE Christmas. JOIN NOW at $WAGBUCK$

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