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Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't Forget: Coupons for Community

Please do not forget to head on over to Coupons for Community to let them know that you are a CouponQueeny fan and participating this week by donating something in your community/town. If you are able too please include @CouponQueeny in your post.

Here is a sample post you can copy if you would like:
I/We are a @CouponQueeny fan and We are participating also this week. We will be donating ________ (just fill in the blank)

Read more about it HERE
If I can help you in anyway please let me know!! Lets get this rolling and change lives all over the US. I will post pictures later today of our donations here in my city!

Even if you donate 1 bottle of shampoo, that 1 bottle can make a HUGE difference.
It all starts with just 1

Between the FREE Right Guard body wash, Nivea body wash, toiletries galore, Yakisoba noodles, Mahatma rice and more that were FREE last week. We should all have a small bag that we can donate. Some may have boxes they can donate.


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