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Friday, May 6, 2011

Half Price Frappuccinos

I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about half price Frappuccino days again!!!

This offer is better than last years. HERE is more information. See you at Starbucks

May 6-15

Don't forget to pre load your starbucks reward card and use it to pay. You will earn more rewards and point this way. Don't have a card yet? Read below:

Here is the skinny on the program and how you get FREE:

:: Buy a Starbucks gift card online/in-store, then register it. (You are going to buy at Starbucks anyway, just put it on the rewards gift card instead to get all these amazing FREEBIES)

:: You will also receive a FREE drink of your choice on your birthday

:: The card gets you FREE brewed/iced coffee/tea refills FREE. (that is worth it alone)

:: The more you use the card the more rewards you can rack up

:: FREE beverages

:: Free Beverage with Whole Bean Purchase

:: Free Trial Offers & MORE!!!!


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