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Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm on Vacation

(the skyscraper on the left has always been my favorite)

We are on our way to Atlanta for the week. Hooray!
My In-Laws are in Marietta and that is where I met my hubby. We used to live there for 9 years and can you believe I never made it to the Coke Museum or Fernbank?

We got a City Pass and get 5 attractions with it and it came with a skip the line pass also.
The family is doing the zoo on Monday (with out me) My asthma is out of control now with about 2 attacks a day now and the Zoo and I do not do too well if you know what I mean. So, Monday I will spend the day working.
Then, Aquarium, Museum of natural history, Fernbank, Stone Mountain (with out me) and Coke Museum. I see a lot of Frappacino's and Starbucks in general in my future this week

We got a Verizon card for the laptop and I love it. I had a conference call earlier today and have been updating the website the rest of the time.

I will be online most of the week. I am mobile now.
Mobile Email
Mobile Website
Mobile Laptop
Mobile Social Networking (if I could understand why my RSS feeds are quirky)
hmmm what else is mobile

I am a huge fan of technology!
See You soon!


JnKFamily94 said...

Have a Great time Tanya. You deserve it. I appreciate all the tips you give us :)

Thankful Terri said...

Oh how I miss Marietta... I lived there during the Olympics. I loved teling people to go to the big chicken and turn to get to my house. Have fun.

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